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Buyers Info

Buyers Info

It’s a Great Time to Buy in Southern Oregon!

Buying property should be a pleasant experience, yet because it is a complex process, anxiety levels can rise during that time. Uncertainty about a mortgage loan, worry over finding just the right home, or concern over meeting deadlines may all contribute to heightened stress levels.

Our job is to be the middle man and time keeper. We will coordinate and work with your lender, home inspector, appraiser, escrow company and anyone else that is involved in our transaction. Once our offer is accepted, our promise is to keep track of the calendar and communicate with you every step of the way.  It’s all about YOU!

“Finding the home of your dreams is just the beginning of our relationship.”


1. You Don’t Pay Us A Dime!

When buying a home it costs you nothing to use our services so it makes sense to have a full time, real estate professional team on your side. Also, the only way we can do our job correctly is to have honesty and loyalty from you, our buyer. In return for that you will receive up front information and hard work from your real estate team.

2. Money Talks

Unless you are paying cash, you should always talk to a lender prior to beginning your home search. We can recommend quality, local lenders and set up a quick 10 minute phone visit that lets you know how much you can afford: payments, down payment, closing costs and what fits into your budget.

3. The “P” Word

Nothing is perfect…when considering a new home keep in mind that, if the home is 80% of all your expectations and needs make an offer! Many people make the fatal mistake thinking that the perfect home has to be out there…and it’s not. This thinking costs you, the buyer, time and money. Even when building from the ground up, after you have moved in there is always something you wish you had done differently.

4. Location, Location, Location

Are you really saving money if your new address is so far from your jobs/activities that you are never there to enjoy it? Don’t spend all your valuable time driving just to save $100 a month. You’ll spend it on gas in the end.

5. Don’t Let $10,000 Stand In Your Way

Do you realize that over a 30-Year mortgage, $10,000 added to the purchase price will increase your payment by an average of $65 a month?

6. However, Don’t Reach so Much that You Become “House Poor”

Don’t stretch yourself so much financially that you can only afford the mortgage and nothing else. An occasional night on the town helps the attitude.

7. Stop Looking for the Deal of The Century

Remember above all else: you get what you pay for.

8. Always Ask for A Home Inspection

Whether it is a brand new or slightly used home, you need to know if problems exist and have them corrected by the seller before moving in.

Call Monica at 541-295-0515 or Ted at 541-218-9466 to learn how we can help you find the best home, at the best price, with the least amount of stress!  Please serach our featured listings or the MLS database. We can also prepare a portfolio of properties tailored for you.

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